ANSI/ISEA 105:2016 - EN388:2016 STANDARDS

The new ANSI / ISEA 105 standards will now use a scale consisting of 9 levels (named A1-A9) that range from 0 to 6000 grams of cut resistance, which allows for identification more precise protection in PPE. The biggest change with this scale is that the current level "CUT 4" will be divided into three separate levels, this will allow security managers to select accurately the specific needs of their employees.



The EN 388:2016 is European Standard for protective gloves. They are 6 mechanical performance methods used to evaluate the glove: sanding resistance, cut resistance (Coup test), tear resistance, puncture resistance, cut resistance (TDM-100 test) and impact resistance. Each test result is represented as a number or letter at the bottom of the standard icon. The impact test is only indicated if the gloves are designed for protection against impact. The 2016 version of the standard introduces a new cut test in accord to EN ISO 13997 Standard. It uses the TDM-100 Test that measures the force needed to cut through the glove with a standardized knife over a length of 20 mm.