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Contractual pricing provided by Groupe BBH Inc. doesn’t just mean fixed pricing for your business, but a commitment to the end users, your customers. Contractual pricing for you, and a personalized price lists sent to notify customers of any price increase with 30 days advanced notice, is part of our commitment to the customer service we believe in, and the difference working with Groupe BBH Inc. provides.


When the seasons influence your business, you need responsive solutions. With service agents across the country, aid in the growth and changes of retail locations, and client interactions, are augmented in their speed and efficacy. Here, planogram maintenance, product merchandising, and seasonal resets are implemented. With lines of internationally recognized brands at your disposal, and a varied inventory of strategic displays quickly available to expand and contract sales floors in an aesthetically effective manner, the quick adaptability of seasonal bookings brings success.


Lend our business experience to further the impact of your brand. Private label branding on our established quality products increases your product range without compromising on standards. And we’ve got the proven success of multiple international brand partnerships to back it up.


Lend our business experience to further the impact of your brand. Private label branding on our established quality products increases your product range without compromising on standards. And we’ve got the proven success of multiple international brand partnerships to back it up.


Groupe BBH Inc. operates and maintains an 80,000 sq. ft. warehouse in St. Laurent Quebec. The Groupe BBH Inc. warehouse features a wall to wall 24’ racking system, 3 production rooms, and a effectively organized floor space allowing for a fast operating 24 hour turn-around period for all orders. Operating our own warehouse allows us to diversify our client services by offering direct to retail, direct to customer, and wholesale distribution. Most recently new production department machinery has allowed us to produce, pack, and prepare product multi-packs for delivery, and execute with high efficiency and quality control.


Whether shelfs, or on the shelf, a product gone to market does not mark the end of its development. Through continuous market research, promotions, the implementation of new technologies, market positioning, planogram updates, and in-store reconfiguration we don’t stop in our drive to better winning solutions.


Our customer service comes custom made. We follow up on products with personalized customer service and end user calls, following up to assess customer satisfaction, correct order issues and in partnership with RDTS, ensure full customer satisfaction and the implementation of your vision.


We provide full bilingual service with representatives that are well versed in product uses and benefits. Our knowledgeable staff and product specialists are our greatest resource in providing you unparalleled customer service experiences. It entails services that add value to the relationship.


Value Added Services from Groupe BBH Inc. are what sets up apart. We provide personalized customer service calls on all order issues.

Service agents across Canada are available to service retail locations with planogram presentations, help with customer issues, and the maintenance of quality and merchandising displays.

Automatic order confirmations are sent to each customer to ensure each is correctly processed.

Personalized price lists are sent to customers electronically with a 30 day advanced notice of any cost increase.

We create and design personalized flyers in-house to suit your marketing needs

Showroom merchandisers are also available at no charge to the client. (With some conditions).


Groupe BBH Inc. is also proud to provide:

  • Frequent Planogram maintenance
  • Product merchandising
  • Maximizing clip strip possibilities
  • Planogram seasonal resets
  • Seasonal Planogram presentations
  • Inventory Control
  • Suggested orders for missing product
  • Market Research
  • Trade show attendance and assistance
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HiPora is a polyurethane film coating for use in winter and athletic gloves. The three layer HiPora waterproof barrier is impermeable to moisture penetration, while micropores in the fabric allow moisture and perspiration to escape the body. HiPora is waterproof, windproof, and breathable, keeping hands dry and comfortable in every application.


A plain-woven fabric, canvas is used in items where sturdiness is a necessity, and heavy wear is expected. Canvas is a cotton or linen fabric, and sets itself apart from other heavy-duty cotton fabrics like denim as it is a plain weave fabric rather than twill weaved, meaning it uses a simple criss-cross pattern to maintain its strength. Canvas is graded by weight with a corresponding number system, where a higher number corresponds to a lighter weight, and a lower number to heavier weight. Groupe BBH Inc. uses cotton duck in their products. In cotton duck, the canvas is more tightly woven, providing further increased fabric strength.


Lend our business experience to further the impact of your brand. Private label branding on our established quality products increases your product range without compromising on standards. And we’ve got the proven success of multiple international brand partnerships to back it up.


When you depend on visibility as one of the cornerstones of your safety, whether at work or in life, you need 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material. 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material is the leading enhancive retroreflective material for worker safety. 3M™ Scotchlite™ increases visibility during day or night, high or low light situations, and inclement weather. It is an important safety tool for road workers whose life depends on being an identifiable form, complies with the necessary flame resistant properties required of utility workers, and incorporates itself well into uniforms and job-specific garments. Applying 3M™ Scotchlite™ results in attractive reflective clothing that helps ensure an increased safety presence at work.


Fabric welding is when heat and pressure is used to join two pieces of fabric together for an air and watertight seal. Welded seams come into practice for products that need high resistant and high functioning qualities, like work wear, where a product’s longevity benefits from moisture and abrasion resistance, and decreased material decomposition. The process uses heat, and thermoplastic coatings like polyvinylchloride (PVC), and polyurethane (PU), to create its firm seal.


With CORDURA fabrics, it’s all about durability. CORDURA makes tear and abrasion resistant clothing that doesn’t fatigue under the strains of a day on site. Used in backpacks, footwear, tactical applications, athletic performance apparel, and workwear, it’s a long lasting high performance fabric that not only works hard, but also looks good. You can find CORDURA fabrics in pants, shirts, overalls, tool belts and work boots, with a range of specialty fabrics that are static dissipative, flame retardant and high visibility.


Groupe BBH Inc. strives to continually produce the best gloves available on the market. Whether for work or recreation the Groupe BBH Inc. line of professional gloves stands as a testament the quality of product we produce, and the technology we employ in building a superior product. Superior cuts, welds, and finishes further the durability and strength of our gloves, and the technology found in 3M Thinsulate linings in their C and G series, with 100, 150, and 200 gram insulation is the superior innovation that our gloves’ performance depends on.


Lighter than the Thinsulate lined “C” series glove, the new Horizon’s Thinsulate lined “G” series glove is lighter and thinner, while simultaneously providing more warmth and protection from the cold. When you need total protection from the cold, but more flexibility in your work glove, the Thinsulate lined “G” series glove is the clear choice. Maximum hand protection from a superior work glove.

Groupe BBH inc. was founded in 2007, in the merger between BARRY & BOULERICE (rope) and LNS HORIZON (gloves). This merger meant bringing over 40 years of industry expérience together under the leadership of current president and owner, Claude Lampron

In addition to our gloves, ropes and workwear selection, Groupe BBH inc. has added a full line of HI-VIS safety workwear.

Among the Groupe BBH inc. brand portfolio, our core private brands : HORIZON, BARRY & BOULERICE and WORKTUFF have become household names in the industrial and retail markets, known for their performance, quality and value. Groupe BBH have since added to its portfolio, well-recognized and established brands such as TERRA, DICKIES, HOLMES WORKWEAR, GARDENA and ROOTS

Operating from its main office in Montreal, Groupe BBH inc. is now distributing across the globe and keeps on maintaining a strong representation throughout Canada, while focusing on providing the highest quality products, unparalleled customer service, and timely delivery.

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